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"Seduced, Restrained, Tormented and Regressed"

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"Seduced, Restrained, Tormented and Regressed"

Full length movie 54 minutes playing time
Featuring Josie and hapless YOU

Josie does it again. She brings YOU home from a night club and is all over you. You think you going to get laid by this hot chick who is way above your pay scale.

When in her bedroom she says she likes to get a bit kinky. You are so horny you would agree to anything so when she wants to restrain you with manacles you are all for it.

Once you cannot move off the bed she walks out saying she is going to slip into something more comfortable. Woo hoo

But she is gone for the longest time. Your bladder is bursting from all those glasses at the bar you had and finally you piss yourself wetting your underwear and her bed.

You are so embarrassed and humiliated then she comes back into the room but that was her plan all along....
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